April 5th-6th 2021 saw the AWFF's 9th annual screening.

Filmmakers and scriptwriters from all over the world were showcased at this long established festival screening and the level of quality was high. A notable entrant and award winner from the event was the newly released Success Formula documentary. A winner with both the audience and jury "Best Web/T Series'', the documentary invoked many a discussion after it's screening about whether such a thing as a Success Formula is possible and what the implications would be on the world as a whole if such a formula were created and adopted by the masses.

An additional screening of the Amsterdam World International Film Festival will take place from the 5th-6th of December 2021 with Top film of the year 2021 ''Success Formula'':

A film where famous athletes - World and Olympic Champions, athletes, chess players, scientists, artists talk about their path to success. Success Formula conducts research based on several hundred interviews taken over 7 years with famous Hollywood actors, directors, and outstanding figures of art in order to obtain a universal formula for success that humanity may eventually be able to use. Outstanding athletes, chess players, scientists, artists, mastering the minds of millions, move humanity forward in evolutionary development. And this is a success of the highest order. And these great people share with us how to achieve success.

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And also: Madonna, Aleksey Nemov, Brad Pitt, Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham, Jennifer Aniston, Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Cage,  Robert De Niro,  Daniel Dubov, Jan-Krzysztof Duda, Sergey Karjakin, Timur Gareyev and others..
5th-6th of December 2021

First Name Last Name Project Title Synopsis Duration Award
Benoit Lelievre RIPPLES This film focuses on four Xinjiang women living in Yiwu, China. By filming their daily lives and recording their conversations with families and foreign friends, it shows the joys and sorrows of ordinary women in Xinjiang, as well as their feelings towards their hometown.
They have different backgrounds and professions. Their views are simple and true, representing the voice of the majority of Xinjiang people.
0:28:00 Grand Jury Prize
Geoff Browne GBOY Set in the oil fields of Ogoniland Nigeria, Kara a teen is given the choice to stay in her village and fight the oil conglomerates or move to the city (Port Harcourt) and start a new life with the person she dreamt of marrying. 0:44:00 Best short film
Kalliope Barlis Neon Heart Fernando works with his father in their singing telegram service car, called Neon Heart. On board a customized car they are hired to perform live messages. After a performance that ended tragically, Fernando's life changes completely and he starts a mind-blowing journey in the name of love. 1:39:29 Best Drama
Philippos Kappa Lucky Sisters Haily and Melissa are crazy about buying things, but one day, they only have 500 dollars left. 0:10:31 Best comedy
Shriejan Paudel Viral Nina (26) and her friends have made a music video which now goes viral. They are getting ready for their first TV appearance. As it turns out, they’ve been lured to the broadcast under false pretences, which puts Nina in a dilemma: should she pursue her career in the media landscape in what appears to be an unfair system, or should she, as an underrepresented black artist, take this unique opportunity to make a statement against it? 0:23:48 Best Student Film
Kent Leung LOVE LABORATORY Countless people have defined true love, but there is no convincing version. The true love detection of true love laboratory is based on the latest neuroscience research. It uses scientific methods to explore the true meaning of true love and provides true love detection for all living beings. T, who suffered from the double crisis of love and career, tried to save love and win millions of prize money by cheating on drugs through the true love test. Unexpectedly, he fell into a bigger crisis. 1:40:41 Best Feature Film
Kristi Hoi Breath of the Wild Pre puberty kids play in a destructed factory flat, with goldfish swimming around in a fish tank. The water quietly flows, and by the time they grow up, they both came back to the place of child play to bid their farewell promised a long time ago. The fire burns on, and the lives of both fish and human come to a gentle end. The city is the desert, with borders undrawn, dry lands and insufficient air; the city is the rain forest, with dry branches and leaves fuelling for the lost sunshine the children needed to grow. It reflects another meaning of what modern hong kong society is to deal upon: the loss of space and the devastating unseen social stress that we come to understand upon growing pains. 0:14:00 Best Experimental Film
Polly Guentcheva Here I Am, Again Anyone else in his place would have given up, but not him.
Just a month after narrowly surviving being hit by a car, high-altitude mountaineer and research-zoologist Boyan Petrov starts his recovery and long preparation to continue his dream - climbing all the fourteen 8,000-meter peaks.
Without supplementary oxygen and 3 times cancer survivor, he has climbed all 10 of the 14 eight-thousanders.
Now it's time for the world’s giant - Everest.
For the purpose, Boyan starts his journey by “warm-up” with the lowest peak among them - the so-called "dwarf" Shishapangma.
Number 11 on his bucket list.
An unexpected twist of fate leads to Boyan’s disappearance just a few meters below the peak which activates an unprecedented interstate rescue mission and helicopter searches between the countries of Nepal, China, and Bulgaria.
This is an inspiring story that documents indomitable human spirit and strive to live.
This is a story that adds value and celebrates life.
A story that gives more of his dedication, his inspiration, his legacy.
1:45:00 Best documentary feature
Vivian Ip An Island Drifts Set in Singapore, a young teacher presses for the truth from a maladjusted student, the act leads to devastating results and they suffer the ignominy of losing everything that matters to them. The story holds a mirror up to society, where a mistake can derail a life in an overly pressurized world. 0:18:32 Best Thriller
Gilbert Brüning No Law, No Heaven A man's life in three vignettes as he navigates his sexual identity amidst tradition in Hong Kong's notorious Kowloon Walled City. 1:30:00 Best Director
Lina Kalcheva Shave to Reborn Mt. Koya was snowy, suddenly, the shaved hair fell gently on snow… The one who has had his hair cut was stirred up with memories, let bygones be bygones, all troubles left with the hair…
“Shave to Reborn” is a unique documentary, it records how 41 students of Shingon Buddhism practiced unusual lives to become Acārya (Preceptor of Shingon Buddhism).
41 students came from different sectors of the community, someone couldn’t escape from the sorrow of family’s death, someone had been suffered from broken marriage, someone met his Waterloo in business… Life is like a box of chocolate, but they just wished to seek for peace and a corner to rest.
Driven by fate, they came to “Grand Master Kukai Memorial Hall”, following Master Edward Li, holy-monk named Yi Ran, to learn Esoteric Buddhism for years. Some of them chose to leave their big business behind, some of them were brave to face difficulties in lives… Embraced by Buddha, they prayed and sang, let the original sound of the universe wash their troubles and sorrows away, every cell of them were motivated, it made them feel like having a new life!
While learning how to practice “Fire Puja”, an offering ceremony by burning wood in fire, those 41 students could feel the fire removing their accumulated burdens and sadness, they were set free and shining again!
“Fire Offering Ritual”, daily practices, shave and reborn... Through these valuable records, Master Yi Ran would like to disclose and share the core knowledge of Esoteric Buddhism to the world.
13:20:00 Best screenplay
Robert Ellmann Death Row It's the year 2025 and Max aka Inmate 0713, one of the greatest drug kingpins of the decade, is about to be served his last meal moments before he must serve his death sentence. But Max, a brilliant criminal mastermind, has got one last ace up his sleeve. 1:18:36 Best Editing
Louis Johnson GUARDIANS Since June 2019, Hong Kong has witnessed protests and unrest. The prolonged disturbance has dealt a serious blow to the city's economy and people's livelihoods. To tackle the growing national security risk, the new national security law for Hong Kong has come into force. The law will safeguard Hong Kong's stability and prosperity as well as residents' freedoms and rights. 0:12:38 Best Documentary Short Film


Project Title Synopsis Duration Country Language Trailer URL Award
Arthur Hotel A man and a woman end up spending together their last night in a luxurious hotel because of an error in the delivery of a mysterious box. 0:20:00 Italy Italian Best Short
Hidden Waters Neela finds herself in the middle of a fearful scenario of her husband finding out about a cherished secret of hers: the past is neither easy to explain nor appropriate to divulge, but her blackmailer has his own demands. She cannot fulfil them without crossing her overbearing yet loving husband. The stakes for marital security rise, as do questions about self, love and marriage. Who decides the meaning of her actions even if they appear dubious to society, including her husband, for whom judgment is truth? Based on Ibsen’s “A Doll’s House,” Rallalo Neeru (‘Hidden Waters’) is a Telugu language film, set in contemporary, semi-urban milieu of coastal Andhra. 1:45:00 India Telugu Official Selection
The Song That Calls You Home THE SONG THAT CALLS YOU HOME is a personal, scientific and mystical exploration of Amazonian curanderismo - with focus on Ayahuasca and Master Plants, their healing and visionary properties and risks - along with the wondrous world of the Shipibo people and Song. 1:12:00 Not Specified English, Spanish Official Selection
The Black Lights MATT SULLIVAN, a mentally struggling man, is arrested by the suspicion of murder after witnessing a chilling dissappearance, caused by a seemingly ordinary object of light. After a tense police interrogation, Matt is ordered to a mental hospital, where he begins to seek connections between the dots. Meanwhile below groundlevel, a sinister organization constructs new mechanisms to conduct silent crime. 51 Pages Finland English   Best Screenplay
We Want the Airwaves Filmed over the course of 10 years, "We Want the Airwaves" chronicles the journey of a trio of first time TV makers as they set forth on a daring adventure. The group creates and films an activist focused docuseries ("Manifesto!") in the year 2005, with the goal of launching the first citizen’s platform on network television. Cut from countless hours of behind the scenes footage and interviews with TV & Cultural insiders and outsiders, "We Want the Airwaves" follows the making of "Manifesto!" all while exposing the harsh realities of the ethically challenged unscripted television world. The roadblocks for the trio quickly become monolithic. 1:22:00 United States English Best Comedy
The Seventh String The seventh string is a movie about a girl named Nishtha Kashyap who had fallen in love with a thirty one year old man when she was only thirteen. She had to permanently leave her hometown and go to Mumbai where her father worked. After a long gap of twelve years she comes back to her hometown to meet her relatives and in the back of her mind she knows that she might the man she had loved. In these years she had changed a lot and she wasn’t the same girl she was when she left her hometown. While roaming around her hometown with her cousin brother and his friends, she came across a hut where a lot of people meet and talk to each other and share their own stories. 1:44:56 India Assamese Best Feature
The Great Escape Now is the perfect time for Abigail and Charles to begin their family. Or is it? On paper, the results from the pregnancy test should fit into their mutual plan; instead, it leads them to question the stability of their foundation. 0:17:52 United States English   Best Producer
Talk The story follows a man in his 40's who on the outside has everything that anyone would want. A great job, nice car, perfect family. However, on the inside, it is a different story. The man has been dealing with trauma that has been plaguing him since a child. These are issues that have sat with him for years and now they have begun to bubble over. The man is at the breaking point and is now contemplating suicide. 0:17:04 Canada English Best Actor
Behind the glass Mario thinks he is in control. He thinks he knows what he is doing, and he looks down to the people on the other side of the glass, but what Mario doesn't know is that the glass itself is not on his side. 0:05:00 Spain     Best Animated Film
Life Appointment A man in his seventies suffering from loneliness blames himself for the past and gets into a life changing situation 0:29:57 Egypt Best Foreign Language Film
12 Hours 2 Steal A struggling artist must navigate a series of instructions to steal a valuable treasure for an unknown puppetmaster after she downloads an audio tour podcast for a specific painting in a gallery. 90 Pages United Kingdom English   Official Selection
Zurich Scenes Video recordings from Zurich, four views arranged to scenes like: Sunbathers at a canal; celebrating a soccer World Cup victory; watching TV at Café Odeon; a busy commuter railway station; a traffic policewoman and a fountain; the high-rise ‚Prime Tower‘; scaffolders at a facade; crowds at Zurich Central Station; water birds on Lake Zurich; a candy shop on the famous Bahnhofstrasse ... Urban everyday life in a highly efficient, blithesome, rich, small cosmopolitan city. Every now and then, an Alien* appears - as a symbol for everything that is being suppressed. *The character Alien, from the movies of the same title, was created by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger who lived and worked in Zurich. 0:08:55 Germany No Dialogue   Best Editing
The Great Journey The film tells the story of how an astronomer sees the world around him, how he approaches it through the historical realm of science and how this world is captured on the basis of modern scientific evidence. The film is full of impressive images of celestial objects, planets, comets, galaxies, stars, our sun, and with extensive reports on how this knowledge was shaped over the centuries. 0:43:18 Greece Chinese, English, Modern Greek (1453-) Best Documentary Feature
Peter, Shirley and Louis Peter, Shirley and Louis is one of a series of portraits of creative families. With this work I am principally exploring the traditional portraiture type pose through the medium of moving image to create what I call cinematic portraits that sits between photography and film. Here I imagine I'm capturing what might occur if the sitters were posing for a painting or photograph, with the subtle changes to their positions that can take place over longer periods of time. I enjoy the contemplative visual spaces between stillness and movement, and the viewer interpreted narrative this may produce. I usually work intuitively at a location, in a small number of single takes (at fast frame speeds) so a selected entire take is used (there are no edits). I also look for an element which has a continuous subtle motion, which in this particular instance is the bouncing cantilevered light. 0:04:30 United Kingdom     Best Director
SPRING in NAPLES At the city beach of “Santa Lucia,” in the center of Naples, the bathing season has begun. People from the surrounding districts come here to take a refreshing dip or sunbathe. There is gossip, fishing, singing, flirting and kissing, and many earn their living with this unique city habitat. The unofficial lifeguards of the beach hope that the police will turn a blind eye to them so that they can earn "a thousand lire" for cigarettes or coffee by renting chairs, which in turn are rented. The beach is also the starting point for a cinematic expedition to the city on Vesuvius and into the personal stories of some of its inhabitants. Stories about life, love and the art of surviving. Betty Bee, an artist known in Naples and a personality with depth, tells of her childhood, which she spent in a typical Naples ground floor apartment. Her father wanted them to live in isolation because he had an aversion to all of humanity. 1:36:00 Austria Italian Official Selection
A Back Pain In Three Parts A back pain in three parts is a surreal satirical tragicomedy about Jöns, a man suffering from unexplainable and unbearable back pains. The film is told in three sequences, three parts, that all explore Jöns inner fears, how the people in his life views and processes his pain and how the pain slowly is destroying who Jöns is. Everything in the story is unrealistically centered around Jöns and his bad back. That's the perspective. No one in his surroundings can truly understand what his pain means to him and all of them tries to “fix” his back problem even if they´re probably not that qualified to do so. The film ends tragically since all the noise, pity and madness drives Jöns to the brink of self destruction. So what the hell is this? 0:29:12 Sweden Swedish Official Selection
Primavera Dance Film 0:04:11 United States     Best Dance Film
Hope Four women, four heroines, who share a common fate. They have been brutally stricken by misfortune. It is not their shared past that brought them together, but it is “Hope” that keeps them alive, encouraging them to move on. “Hope” is what keeps mother Ferdonije alive who, during last Kosovo’s war, lost her four sons and husband. Two of her sons’ bodies have been recovered, while her husband and two other sons remain missing. She does not accept the loss of her husband and two other sons but hopes that they are alive somewhere and that they’ll return one day. “Hope” is what Auntie wishes for a better life in the future. She provides for herself by collecting cans. 0:49:49 Kosovo Albanian Best Cast
Three honest unemployed women Three women in their fifties are left without work. In a macho society and with the cult of youth, they realize that there is no more room for them. Then they go into the most profitable business of the moment ... 0:20:00 Italy English Best Music Score
New York Minute This work continues Lynn Bianchi’s relationship with New York City and its inhabitants - her home and inspiration since 1968. New York Minute was developed and created during lockdown - the year of loneliness and isolation - yet Lynn never felt lonely because the city was right outside her window - still alive and forever hopeful. A love letter to New York, this work is an abstraction of one day in the city - from dawn till dusk - moments that last a minute, or maybe a lifetime. 0:04:37 United States Best Cinematography
Caring for your carcass "Caring for your carcass" is made up of short performances, the result of creative explorations, grouped into sections like the chapters of a poetic collection. This dark montage is made up of elements related to death, injury, decomposition like rituals of mourning and desolation, but is also crossed by the tenderness of gentle gestures, a healing and soothing red. The staging of this video was made both in a closed studio where I can create fictional universes and outdoors, using natural elements. The whole develops symbolic spaces that are both cruel and sensitive. I like video art because it allows me to integrate into the same whole my practice as an interdisciplinary artist for years, as was the case with "Caring for your carcass". In addition to gathering the required items (dead birds, seal rotting, crustacean caption, strange object crafted), I realized myself all the components of this video, including the audio. 0:11:01 Canada     Best Experimental Film
When The Roads End Divided into four chapters, and narrated by Maurizio Lombardi's voice over "When the roads end" aims to raise awareness among road users - primarily the youngest - about the high degree of danger related to driving a motor vehicle. Through different witnesses- ranging from relatives of road accident victims to first aid operators - the documentary tells the pain of those involved in a road accident, recalling the enormous responsibility that affects anyone who drives in the roads. 1:06:39 Italy Italian Official Selection
Water Demon Water is scarce in this village. The womenfolk of the village, have to walk a long distance, to a well, in an old fort, to fetch water. One day, while they were approaching the fort, they saw Laajo, a mentally deranged village girl, lying semiconscious, with obvious signs of rape and molestation. This was the third such event in the village, in recent times. Tunu is a young inquisitive school girl. She’s happy that her Baba (father) is back from the city. While coming home with her Amma (mother) that day, she happens to see Laajo chained-up from her ankle. She’s keen to know what had happened to Laajo, and questions her Amma. To avoid unnecessary queries from her girl, she tells her that Laajo was attacked by a demon, a water demon, at the fort. She worries that her Amma, like all women in the village who go to fetch water, are at risk of being attacked by this water demon. 0:20:47 India Hindi   Best Sound Editing
Lo Spirito del Tor The documentary Lo Spirito del Tor tells the adventure of Daniele, an amateur athlete, who attempts the feat of finishing the Tor des Géants route in the classic 150 hours, as per regulations. A solo undertaking, made even more epic by the lack of the ordinary assistance that the official organization offers when the race is held. The runner is monitored along the entire route by a team of directors and has a guide during the hours of darkness and informal refreshment points that ensure an experience in total safety. 1:07:58 Italy Italian Official Selection
An Open Letter to My Younger Self: A Personal Documentary This is a personal documentary that confronts my racism, especially as a white cisgender male. It’s approximately 16 minutes long. This video follows and explains my racist behaviors as a teenager and young adult and my transition into having anti-racist values. It explores the location in which I was raised, and how my relationship with Traverse City, Michigan played a role in developing my racist behaviors. This is not meant to be an excuse for my racism, nor a justification of it, but rather it’s an exploration of the journey it took for me to let go of old behaviors and embrace new values. The video is woven together through an open letter to my younger self, and supplemented by videos and stills that reflect how my relationship with the environments I’m in and have been in, have influenced me. 0:15:57 United States English   Best Documentary Short
Beijing 120 55-year-old Zheng Senior migrated from his village to Beijing years ago and has been working in Beijing since then. He lived with his only son, Zheng Junior. After losing his job driving ambulances for the 120 Emergency Rescue Center, he started to make a living by driving unlicensed ambulances. Out of desperation, he planned to grow his illegal business. Feuds with his rivals and betrayals from his partners cornered him to a despicable path. 1:19:32 United States Chinese   Best Drama Feature
The End of Aaron Aaron is a young man in his twenties. He lives with his parents and has suffered from paranoid disorders since childhood. He has locked himself in the basement of his home to escape the apocalypse he believes is imminent. Grace, his girlfriend, is playing the game of survivalism with him to try to ease his torment. She dreams of a brighter life, but something draws her deep into the darkness of Aaron's character. 1:12:00 France French Best Actress
Attila Attila, a paraplegic, attempts to break the 24 Hour Hand Cycle world record by riding more than 403 miles in a 24 hour period. 0:30:17 United States English Jury Award
No Roses On A Sailor's Grave 73 years after Royal Navy veteran Patrick Thomas' ship vanishes during World War II, he is the last of the handful of survivors still living. Fate brings Patrick and completely stranger, archaeologist John Henry Phillips together. Fuelled by their unexpected bond and the rapid passing of the Second World War generation, John makes a shocking promise to find the ship and build a memorial with Patrick by his side. 1:23:00 Canada English, French Best Narrative
Sunshine In The Rain As his ordinary life goes on with his lover. The sudden presence of the new woman leads him to the past he tries so hard to forget. 0:26:00 United States English   Official Selection
Contract lovers After working undercover contracts in The Middle East and South America for a mercenary company he left the war life to start a new one in The city but instead he become a contract killer after his girlfriend dead . 1:20:00 United States English   Official Selection
TICKER: A G- Thang Two volatile LA gang rivals anxiously stew in a hospital waiting room, confronted by the dashed dreams of their past and the nightmares of their present reality. 0:08:24 United States English   Best Series
Avalakki Pavalakki The film is a suspense/adventure, concentric to story on Archaeology, three children and a tribe. Directed by Durga Prasad and Produced by Ranjitha Subramanya, It is conceptualized based on Dharma, as is stated in the great Indian epic Mahabharata - Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah. It means to say that Dharma protects those who uphold Dharma. In today's modern era, this concept has lost its sheen. The film depicts the lives of a tribal community residing deep in the dense forests of south India. They have been bestowed by an auspicious gift by the Almighty. The story-line has a series of events that lead up-to the Charan Pooja day, wherein the tribe offers prayers to the Gods to Protect the auspicious gift bestowed upon them by the Almighty himself, which would be lost. The film is a bundle of twists and turns, and how the lives of those involved are affected. 2:00:00 India canada   Official Selection