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Amsterdam World International Film Festival funding film production
Finding funding for all aspects of film production can be very difficult even for famous and well connected filmmakers. These problems are felt even harder by small, independent productions who often struggle with a lack of budget for many aspects of filming, producing and dispensing a film to audiences. At the Amsterdam World International Film Festival there are multiple sectors available online all year - which can help independent individuals or organizations working in film access funding designed for the various different aspects of making a movie.
Of course without the production of the film itself this would not be necessary so an investor's sector has been established at the Amsterdam World International Film Festival. The goal of this is to help navigate the first obstacle of getting a film made which is finding the initial funding to hire and rent everything needing to create a movie. Film festivals such as this are about giving talented individuals exposure and recognition for their work. The investors sector will help these creative people connect with others who share their passion for their work who have the ability to finance interesting projects that are yet to be made.
Searching for financing to make a film can be extraordinarily difficult but with the goal of increasing contact between filmmakers and investors the sector is hoping to make it much easier. The ‘Marketing sector’ has been set up so that directors and other independent film enthusiasts can obtain funds that wouldn’t otherwise be available to them in order to advertise for their film to increase its exposure. The aim of festivals is to help new talent emerging in the world of cinema, but without proper marketing this is extremely difficult and the goal of this sector is to find small films an avenue to send their work into the world with a much wider audience.
The third sector which is also available online all throughout the year - focuses on 'Film Distribution' and helps to create a more comprehensive network of connections between the festival's creative filmmakers and those with the money to finance their distribution. Like marketing it is vital that small films can receive money to distribute their product effectively so that it may reach and connect with a greater number of people. Doing this will help everyone involved: from the filmmaker who can go on to receive more recognition for their work to the distributer who gets to expand their network of filmmakers and this could be a great resources for filmmakers to increase the stature of their work.