Additional Screening Program was held on November 12-14th, 2022

List of awards and nominations
Film name:The Road Never Ends
Synopsis:How does the change in the world affect the most ordinary people? The decisions and orders of the regime, the conflicts between the groups, interference of a strong country against a weak country, and how does it change single person's live?
Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria...all from MENA, for decades, they have suffered from wars, revolutions, and turmoil. In the midst of repeated changes, ordinary people are powerless to resist, and their lives are ups and downs. What do they think? Someone came out and said: "We have to fight for our dignity and cultural independence. Today, Arabs are considered very negative, we have to show that we have a great culture, we have to fight imperialism. That doesn't mean we reject everything, we must protect our equality and rights."
Director Name:Micheal Mouaness
Award:Best Documentary Feature Award
Film name:Success Formula
Synopsis:A film where famous athletes - World and Olympic Champions, athletes, chess players, scientists, artists talk about their path to success.
Director Name:Alex Davidson
Award:Best Feature Film Award
Film name:Black Mud
Synopsis: Film about 2 brotheres who are searching their fortune. A westward journey of short term gain.
Director Name:Adriano Trapani
Award:Best Story Film Award